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"I am very much impressed by the book. The author has given very practical and rational suggestions based on his personal and professional experiences of more than 30 years in the Industry. I am very hopeful, through this book many people in the Industry will learn many a lesson on how to eradicate poverty from our country and bring employment to the people".

Union Minister of Civil Aviation
June 2000

"It is a very interesting and informative book. I am really impressed by the very practical and original suggestions and the Action Plan the author has given to use Tourism to eradicate poverty from our country and to bring employment to millions of people in every nook and corner of our country. I am confident that the Action Plan in this book, if implemented, will go a long way towards eradicating poverty from our country."

Union Minister lor Urban Employment & Poverty Alleviation, Youth Affairs & Sports
May 2000

"I am delighted to find that Mr. Subhash Goyal, a forceful spokesman for the tourism industry, has been able to put his thoughts into a book. The subject of the book is very appropriate and I am glad that he has touched upon almost all aspects of tourism. Mr. Goyal has always been frank and forthright in his views which are both interesting and useful."

Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, India Chairman, PATA international
May 2000

"My friend Subhash Goyal has written an excellent, thought-provoking book outlining the problems facing Indian tourism and aviation and recommending the solution. His 10-point Strategy for Tourism Development should be read by everyone who cares about the future prosperity of the great nation, India."

Chairman, Virgin Atlantic Airways, U.K.

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